Varitan's Illustrated Greek Myths Calligraphy
by Yonah Ignacio Varitan, illustrated by Federico Ulises Parolo, HARDCOVER first Edition
29 mm x 22mm, 120 pages , custom binding, ISBN: 978-0982881200
"Only mythology born of true wisdom
dissolves all confounding myths."
      - Pata�jali,The Yoga Sutras (1:50)

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It is my honor to introduce to you an exciting new version of some of our greatest originating myths. But in fact I�m not sure that "new version" quite describes what Varitan�s Illustrated Greek Myths does. This surprising and beautiful book gives voice to the gods and heroes in a way that makes them not only relevant but necessary for our times. Part science, part mysticism, and part social theory, it is a re-vision that we sorely need. These ancient spirits may yet cast forth wisdom into our midst.
Yonah Ignacio Varitan began to work on his Greek Myths in early 2007. Later that year he met Federico Ulises Parolo in Buenos Aires, and their collaboration continued for two years. Varitan died in a tragic accident in late 2009; I inherited the mostly completed project, edited the texts, and worked with Federico and others to design the book., for release in spring of 2011. I can only pray that this fruit of a beautiful human spirit has a chance to spread its seeds in the world. Please enjoy our offerings online and consider ordering a copy of the book for yourself, for your friend, or for your store.
And welcome to Orphiflamme Press.
--Jorian Polis Schutz
Editor, Calligrapher, Publisher
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Phaethon painting detail
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Argus painting detail
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Varitans Illustrated Greek Myths "Just as dyers prepare the cloth before they apply the dye... so indeed must we,
to make permanent the mark of true virtue, first encounter the Greek myths."
- St. Basil of Caesarea,On the Right Use of Greek Literature
"Mythology is the crop which the Old World bore before its soil was exhausted,
before the fancy and imagination were affected with blight--
and which it still bears, wherever its pristine vigor is unabated."
--Henry David Thoreau, Walking
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Varitan's Illustrated Greek Myths
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